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You are just a step close to joining the league of world leading hotels with 
Neighborhood Guide!

How to get your own guide?

Getting your own travel guide is the best online tool that can uncover the incredible treasure of your hotel. It's a fact that every guests are likely to be convinced if hotels can provide an active voice that speaks value about hotel's local insights and experience. This means giving your future guest access to the right information they need to know about your hospitality services e.g accommodation, nightlife, things to do in the environment and many more We discover no place online offer this service except Arrivedo that welcome hotels as protagonists. Arrivedo is a platform that help bridge this gap between hotels and guests through providing technology for hotel marketing.

Who are we to Arrivedo?

We are a certified travel expert who help hotels claim their property on Arrivedo by offering to set-up their Arrivedo profile in exchange for a fee or free accommodation. We offer this service along with the creation of a tailor-made promotional contents of about 8 to 10 articles with interviewing the hotel in less than an hour which in completion make-up a travel guide also known as "Neighbourhood Guide (NG)".

What is Neighbourhood Guide/Travel Guide?

Neighbourhood guide is a collection of 8 to 10 articles that provide insights about hotels, based on local recommendations, inside tips, nightlife and cultural experiences existing around your hotel. With a neighborhood guide you can capture the heart of the whole city completely. A Neighbourhood Guide can help enhance your guests experience, improve your online presence and increase traffic to your hotel’s website. This guides are easily accessible online, user friendly and SEO oriented. Current guests can use your guide to navigate through your wonderful city, likewise it will enable future guests to discover your hotel values and virtues. 

Neighborhood Guide Samples

Feel free to check out some of our Neighbourhood Guides in action:
  1. Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai - Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  2. Castle Hotel - Carlsbad, United States.
  3. Mingles Place Hotel - Ibadan, Nigeria. 
We provide a customised url like this for every of our published NG with a direct link to the hotel website.You can also have your hotel link listed like this on Arrivedo platform, all you have to do is share your local knowledge with us and then you are good to go. 

Service cost - What we demand from hotels (Investment)

  1. 45 min of your time: Share your hotel’s local recommendations with one of our Travel Writers.
  2. Set-up fee: Set-up has a one-time cost of US$150 - $450 (depends on the hotel size).
  3. Free accommodation:Provide 2-3 night stay within the hotel environment for our Travel Writer.
  4. Membership fee: There is no membership fee. Arrivedo is a free technology platform for hotels to publish and manage a Neighborhood Guide. This will always be free in Arrivedo.
  5. Special offers (optional): Provide free accommodation, gift cards, buffets, 5* dinners, and even more to partake in our monthly product testing programme to get a brand review!

Benefits/Return on Investment - ROI

Below are what this offer brings to the hotel:
  1. A 45-min in-depth interview with the hotel’s staff (phone, skype, or in person interview).
  2. A collection of 8-10 articles written with SEO keywords.
  3. Mapping technology that pins places of interest in relation to the hotel’s location.
  4. A White label technology that allows guest to enjoy the hotel guide at the palm of their hand.
  5. High quality photo sourcing.
  6. Content Ownership (The hotel will own the content within the Arrivedo platform).
  7. A free marketing technology with a unique website URL
  8. Free installation of neighbourhood widget on hotel website
  9. Free integration of Neighborhood Guide with hotel’s welcome email to guests.
  10. Push to Phone Technology and many more.
What are you still waiting for, the best time to get your own personalised travel guide is no other than now. Get your own travel guide today and experience sales boost in a new dimension.

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