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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Get answers to your questions below;

Who is Arrive Tips?

Arrivetips is an online community that connect people and places together. We are a global vendor to the Arrive Global Travels & Tours Limited, a multi-national limited liability companies in the quest of travel, hospitality, transport and other related services. We are a team of travel experts committed to bridging the gap between guests and local hosts around the world through providing travel tips and advice to international travellers.

What we do?

We provides expert services for both travellers and hotels in the following areas;

  • Travel Advisory and Consultancy  
  • Tickets and Hotel Reservations  
  • Visa Processing and Procurement  
  • Tour and Vacation Packages  
  • Travel Insurance  
  • Cruises on incredible Ocean 
  • Airport Conducts and Protocol

What is our relationship with Arrivedo?

Arrive Tips is a certified travel expert who create Travel Guide often regarded as Neighbourhood Guide (NG) for hotels, hostels and local hosts on Arrivedo.

Who is Arrivedo?

Arrivedo is an online web space where hotels can publish their local experience for their current and future guests to book. Arrivedo is quite unique and different from other websites that base hotels on prices and reviews, it is the only place online that welcome hotels as protagonists as it provides a space for hospitality firms to claim their individual property and organise local recommendations.

What Arrivedo does?

Arrivedo gives hotels a voice that help in targeting their own specific clientele. Hence, to promote the vision of this course, Arrive Tips has come up with this web innovation to run a web space where hotels can host their Arrivedo Neighbourhood Guide (NG) for broader visibility and service promotion.

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