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Welcome to Canada: land of opportunities! As developed as the country is, there are strange laws that still exist in Canada. Canada is located in the northern part of North America and has a population of 37,971,020 (as at Q2 if 2020), it has an area of 9,984,670 km2 with 8.92% of its lands covered with water. It has Ottawa as her capital and Toronto as the largest and busiest city; they have two major languages: English and French. 

Canadian flag wrapped over a lady
Canadian flag wrapped over a lady

Seven major Ethnic groups, namely dominate it:

European - 72.9%

Asian - 17.7%

Indigenous - 4.9% 

African - 3.1% 

Latin American - 1.3%

Oceanian - 0.2%

But there are few strange Laws in Canada that even some of the citizens are have tagged “super weird.” Here, in this article, we will be listing some of them to your amusement. But before we go on, we will like to state that as strange and funny as these laws may sound, they are always executed to the later, thus, must be taken seriously. 

Canadian Law:Legal tips for new visitors to Canada
Canadian Law:Legal tips for new visitors to Canada

Crazy Laws in Canada

1. It’s Forbidden to Pay in Coins

This is the first on the list of funny laws in Canada, as strange as this law is, it is true. Today in Canada, many Canadians usually get rid of these coins by using it to pay for bubble gums or chocolate at the nearest fuel station. The law stated that you could only use 25 Loonies and five coins of 25 cents each. So while in Canada, do not make a mistake if paying C$30 for breakfast in a restaurant using loonies (Canadian coins) because you may end up getting arrested.

Making Payment with Coin in Canada
Making Payment With Coin in Canada

2. Don’t Drag a Dead Horse Down the Street

As unserious as this may sound, it is as serious as a heart attack! But it seems that this?. law is limited to Toronto. What even made this law top the list of the funny laws in Canada is that it is only made illegal on Sundays, of which, if it pleases you to do it (drag a dead horse) on a Monday, you are very free to do so.

Horse Riding in Canada: A black looking horse
A Black Canadian Horse

3. Don’t Remove Bandage in Public

Of all the weird laws in Canada, this is the funniest, Like, who does that? But take our words for it “it is very true”! There are no specific reasons for this, but no matter what you do, do not get that bandage off either on a walkway, subway, or any other public area.

Weird Laws in Canada
A medical Bandage strapped around a man's hand

4. Don’t Paint your House in Purple Color

No matter what you do, stay away from Purple color; do not paint your building, doors, garage, or any other place with Purple, you might get arrested by just doing that. But from the look of things, it seems that this law is limited to only Kanata neighborhood of Ottawa, but even that, this is as crazy as it sounds.

Picture of a Pink House Somewhere in the US
A Pink House somewhere in the US

5. It is a crime to own a Rat as a Pet

Yap. You heard it right! Of all your favorite pets, while in Canada, domestic rats must not be part of it, especially Alberta residents. Not just this, in the 1950s, many laws have been passed restricting residents from keeping rodents as pets. Funny right? Now you know!

Picture of two experimental rats in lab
Two experimental lab rat

So, this is it. When next you are traveling to Canada, you must endeavor to take these Laws seriously despite how crazy they may sound. And don’t forget to check back next week for another exciting travel topic, you never can tell, it might be crazier than the Canadian Laws. 

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