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Weekly update on Arrivedo Neighborhood guides! 

Are you interested in reading about safaris, some of the world's best beaches, ski terrain and more? 

Check out the new Neighborhood Guide (NG) content published during the week of August 13th to August 17th below and take some time to collect new tips of how you can improve your future trips. This week we have 15 SEO-Oriented hotel guides to share with you our guests;

List of Hotel Neighbourhood Guides (NG)

NG of the Week

The Arrivedo team have awarded the *NG of the Week* to @aed194 for her work on *Lumiere Hotel's NG*. With the inclusion of engaging, SEO-oriented titles, articles well suited for the style of the hotel and vibrant photos have earned this NG the top rated of the week.
Congratulations to Amber on this new promotion! We celebrate her for sharing tips on how to create articles best suited for the style and budget of the hotel you're visiting. Arrivetips wish her more wins and successes in her writing career!

Writing Tips & Advice - 

By: Amber 

So happy to have been selected for the guide of the week! My best advice would be to take what you learn about the hotel through your visitation and through any material the hotel and destination provides (pamphlets, magazines, websites, etc.) and carry that knowledge with you as you explore the destination. Try and view the city through the eyes of a potential guest at the hotel. Think about what they would be most interested in and why. Then, when it comes time to write, you will have a clear sense of how to present each article in a way that is most enticing to the guest. That's how I approached it for this guide and it meant sampling chocolate truffles, hiking to waterfalls. and taking many a gondola ride down to the downtown area for "research". Thank You!

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