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Getfam hotel is a world class gem located along Haile Gebreslassie street in Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia. The hotel is one of the best in the city and it has very welcoming staff ready to cater to your needs the moment you arrive from the Airport. Its building is sited elegantly in a popular commercial area very close to the airport and its easily accessible approximately about 15 minutes drive to and from the Bole International Airport depending on traffic.

Welcoming Light of GETFAM Hotel Front-View at Night

Hotel Accommodation & Rooms Facilities

The hotel accommodation is outstanding regardless of the room being a deluxe or a single room. For international travelers who would prefer a single room you are likely to be very comfortable with the setup.The single rooms have a cabinet to hang your clothes and a spacious bathroom for your hygiene. In case you feel bored a television is at your disposal or a kettle to make some hot tea just to quench your thirst.
The Hotel Single Room

Hotel Amenities

Aside the room facilities listed above, there are other amenities to enjoy at Getfam Hotel, this amenities don't just make the hotel stand out but also make it an all inclusive host. The hotel amenities include: a sauna with separate sections for men and women, a gym area to warm up the muscles and an indoor swimming pool at second floor. If you're a type who enjoy luxury you can also visit the massage parlor or the salon just to make you stay more appealing.
Indoor Swimming Pool of Getfam Hotel

Conference Hall

Getfam hotel is also a wonderful spot to hold meetings and official events in the capital city of Ethiopia. If you're a business person looking to host your next event in Addis Ababa, I would recommend Getfam Hotel to host your business functions and social gathering. The conference hall is always on stand

by and facilities are available depending on the number of people attending the meeting. Addis Ababa is the head quarters of the African Union so its inevitable to come across high profile individuals.
The Hotel Mini Conference Hall

Hotel Restaurant

In terms of food there is a classy restaurant inside the hotel where you can browse around buffet option or place a personal order if you want to eat something different.The restaurant section is on the first floor with a bar section to order drinks. The waiters and waitresses are guests friendly to guide you on what to choose from the menu.
The Hotel Rich Delicacy

Currency in Addis Ababa

Currency accepted in Addis Ababa is Dollars (USD) but to shop around town and move easily within the city, you may have to change some of the dollars to Ethiopian birr (the official currency of Ethiopia) . This can be done easily with the help of the hotel staff, the attendants at the lobby can guide you in case you want to do an exchange transaction of your money.
Hotel Lobby

Strolling Around the Hotel Neighborhood

Outside and around Getfam Hotel are shopping stores for men and women, restaurants,other hotels, supermarkets and entertainment joints to pick from depending on preference. Those who want to take their adventure escapade a notch higher can hop inside the commuter train that passes through Addis just outside Getfam Hotel.

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